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Clock Level AD9789

Question asked by MrD on Jan 11, 2013
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I made tests in my setup with an ADF4351-EVB clocking the AD9789-EVB using the ADCLK914 as clock driver.

It worked fine for my purposes.



Now I wonder:

1. is it possible to omit the ADCLK914? I found a discussion here where it was stated that a ADF4351 which can provide 5dBm of RF output power would be sufficient to provide >2Vpp (please see "RFDAC clocking" discussion). Does this mean the datasheet value of 5dBm was meant single ended? Isn't 5dBm = 1.12Vpp? The AD9789 needs at least 1.4Vpp.




2. Could the ADCLK944 theoretically replace the ADCKL914 in this application?



Thank you very much for your feedback!