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Audio of ad7611 and ad9889b

Question asked by Jacky-zheng on Jan 11, 2013
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There are so many modes of audio port AD7611 can output,I'm using the I2S TDM mode now(audio data output from pin ap only),It can output 7.1 and up to 48k(24bit) per channel by reading the datasheet.

It confuses me a lot,the audio mode is decided by the source,If the source outputs higher than 48k(24bit) per channel,for example it's 192k or 88.2k,How AD7611 deal with it?It will delect some words and output 48K per channel?


Can AD7611 output 7.1 and higher than 48k(24bit)?if it dose,how I must do with my PCB?



32k,44.1k,48k,88.2k,96k,176.4k,192k are all good for ad9889b,Those modes need different frequency of audio clocks,I use plls in FPGA to regenerate the audio clocks,But I find that FPGA can't generate exact freqency of audio clock,for example:AD9889b needs 12.288MHz for 192k,But FPGA only give 12.289MHz,Can AD9889B work?