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VisualDSP++ 5.0 Installation problem

Question asked by Ashwin on Aug 14, 2009
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I have downloaded and installed the VDSP+ 5.0 version (90-day free trial version) from ADI website. After installation of the same, I entered the registration code in the license manager and selected the same while creating 'new session'. When creating session for the first time (with ADSP-BF533 device, for simulator platform), i got pop-up at the end "Failed to locate symbol manager component for ADSP-BF533. Please verify the support for the processor type has been properly installed".

I did refer to "VisualDSP++ 5.0 Installation Quick Reference Card", but it does not have any information regarding 'creating a new session' or about 'symbol manager'. A more detailed 'step-by-step installation guide' will be of great help.


I have attached the snapshot of

  1. VDSP++5.0, install version "about" tab snapshot
  2. New session error message pop-up, mentioned above, and
  3. Error message pop-up, when i try opening the example projects under C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\Blackfin\Examples\No Hardware Required\Exception Handler (ASM)\*.dpj"

with this post.


If anybody knows what can be the issue, kindly let me know.