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Unable to boot TS-101 from linkport macro in FPGA

Question asked by silenuszhi on Jan 10, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2013 by silenuszhi


     I'm using a link macro in FPGA to boot TS-101.But it doesn't work.


     I'm doing all this on a custom board with two TS-101 on it,each has its own JTAG interface;  the two TS-101 have a linkport connect to each other,And also the two TS-101 each has a link port connect to FPGA ,  which use the xilinx linkport macro . 


     What I've done is :

           1.Use the FPGA macro to transmit data to ts-101 when using emulator to debug the other ts-101 ,which I have configured a link dma receive  with reg   L3CTL =   0x4C0, and it works.The data I received is good.

           2.Test the dxe file . I built up a project which can blink my led.and generate a ldr file with linkport 1(default one,and this is the linkport that  connect between the dsps directly.). And when I use this ldr to boot a TS-101 from the other, It works.

           3.So I changed the bootrom to linkport 3(this port is the one connect to dsp from macro in fpga).and send this new ldr from fpga to DSP. It cannot boot.(I've disconnect the emulator)


     So what should I do? How can I check the data that the TS101 received from linkport?(I've thought to configure halt only instead of halt and reset.)