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BF512 vs Lockbox

Question asked by 4Adun on Jan 9, 2013
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I'm work with lockbox on custom board with ADSP-BF512 and have problem that can't enter in secure mode.

I tryed own code and WassimB's example. I tryed generate sign by different methods (including AD example's ecsign.exe). No any result.

After SESR exit i have 0x00D0 (AFEXIT = 1; SECSTAT = 6) in SECURE_STATUS register and 0xFFF4 (SECFW_ERROR_AUTH_FAILED) as SESR error code.


You'll find my code in attach (some modified WassimB's code).


Can anybody help me?  Where is my problem?


PS: today i'm checked my key pair and signature generation with ecsver2 example program from miracle library. It was verified successfully.


Thanks in advance,



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