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ADV7611 EDID problem with smartphones

Question asked by dim.nvt on Jan 8, 2013
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We're developing a HDMI multimedia device for one of our automotive customers. We're using ADV7611 as HDMI receiver. The video from HDMI source goes through video processor, then converted to analog format. There is no problem with most of our HDMI sources (DVD/Blueray, iPhone etc) except Android-based phones. Tried to use Samsung MHL with MHL-to-HDMI connector and Sony Xperia with micro-HDMI output, both phones are unable to show any picture on our test screen. It looks like something is wrong with EDID settings (which work fine for all other devices), the result is the same when using evaluation board software. According to register settings the ADV7611 seems to be locked @ 1080p but nothing goes out from the chip UNTIL a HDMI monitor is connected to HDMI output of evaluation board. When external monitor is connected, something happens and the phone starts to send a valid picture. This is not a HDCP related problem since our chip has HDCP keys (successfully tested with encrypted sources). Sincerely, I have no idea what is the difference between the basic HDMI computer screen and our setup. EDID block data looks valid since we can select one of dozen available resolutions on compatible device. Any help would be greatly appreciated!