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ADV7611 RGB mode : input and output color not matching

Question asked by ak1000 on Jan 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by GuenterL


Does ADI have a script that puts the ADV7611 in RGB output mode instead of YCrCb output for 1080P video?


I used the ADV7611 2.9c script below and changed IO register 0x02 = 0x12 RGB mode. 


Using this script, I get a output color difference of 0x10 less what is applied to the input.


:6-1f Port A, 1080p Any Color Space In (YCrCb 444 24bit from ADV761x) Through HDMI Out 444 YCrCb VIC[16,31,32]:


What other modifications would need to be made to get the input and output colors to match?