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ADV7619 and HDCP CTS

Question asked by GGuillamo on Jan 8, 2013
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I will try to prepare the HDCP CTS for my product with an ADV7619.


I have a problem with all the Receiver Test. I use a QuantumData 882 to execute the test.


Please find the report:


Test 2C-01

  • [0]The EST was not detected.0.0093 sec
    [1]TE detected hot plug from DUT.30.9033 sec
    FAILDUT is already in HDMI mode after HPD. Bstatus (MSB): 0x11
    Frame counter = 0
    30.9044 sec


The ADV7619 should be in DVI Mode at the startup, but it is already in HDMI. I use basically the register configuration provided with AVES2.


I didn't find how to set this kind of behaviour in the UG-237


Did someone experienced the same type of problem?


Thank you