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ADV7619 issue with deep color modes

Question asked by iverguin on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2013 by iverguin


On our board using ADV7619, we are not able to have 1080p50 or 1080p60 working in 10-bit or 12-bit deep color modes.

Although TMDS clock activity is detected (TMDS_CLK_A_RAW=1), the TMDS PLL is not locking (TMDSPLL_LCK_A_RAW=0, TMDS_PLL_LOCKED=0).

8-bit mode is working fine for all formats.

10/12-bit modes are working fine for 74.25MHz pixel clock formats (ex. 1080p25 or 1080p30). The issue seems to be only with 148.5MHz pixel clock formats.

Can you please advise what we should do to troubleshoot this issue? Thank you.