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AD1836 codec

Question asked by w311 on Jan 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by w311

Hello everyone.

I'm using an BF533  EZKIT  board where the BF533 is connected to an AD1836 codec.

I communicate with the codec in I2S mode. The setup is as suggested in the examples (that is DBCLK , DLRCLK and all the SPORT0 clocks and frame syncs are driven from the codec's ABCLK, ALRCLK).

So at this point the data rate of the DAC stream is 48kHz.

I have not worked with codecs before and although I have read the codec spec I was not able to clearly answer myself a question. Though it is not clearly mentioned there (or I have missed it perhaps) it seems to me that data rate for the input stream into the codec should be 48ksamples/sec (or 96 - in direct relation with the MCLK)

Or is it possible to feed the DAC at other rates (44.1k, 32k)?

Thank you,