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Writting uImage from linux using nandwrite on Blackfin based system

Question asked by dpenev on Jan 3, 2013
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Happy new year to all of you!


We are observing an issue writing some data in the nand flash from uClinux.

Things which I think are relevant are:


-It is custom Blackfin BF547 based system. It uses MT29F4G08ABADAH4 chip

And the interface is thru the built in hardware NAND controller in the CPU.


-We are using 3.0.8-ADI-2011R1 uClinux kernel


-We are usng uboot  2011.09 (ADI-2011R1)


-the file uImage is written by the commands

/bin/flash_erase /dev/mtd3 0 0

/bin/nandwrite /dev/mtd3 uImage


-It is verified that the data are written properly using:

cmp uImage /dev/mtd3


-In uboot however if I load the original data (using tftp at 0x2000000) and

the one read from the nand flash (at 0x3000000)

I observe few bytes mismatch as shown bellow: (The uImage is 0xC00000 long)

byte at 0x02027bc4 (0xa2) != byte at 0x03027bc4 (0xb2)

byte at 0x0234f3f4 (0x05) != byte at 0x0334f3f4 (0x07)

byte at 0x029393b4 (0x73) != byte at 0x039393b4 (0x71)

byte at 0x02a7d564 (0x63) != byte at 0x03a7d564 (0x43)

byte at 0x02b57104 (0x16) != byte at 0x03b57104 (0x06)

byte at 0x02b5933f (0xbf) != byte at 0x03b5933f (0xbb)


-If another nand flash partition is used (so I write the same data at a

different nand flash offset)

the same mismatch is observed at the same offsets relative to the beginning

of the partition.


- If I change the data I try to write in flash the mismatches become

different at different locations.

   Still only a few mismatches


-From uboot we can read/write in the nand flash without issues.

No bad blocks are reported with those particular nand chip while I erase the

nand flash.


I've heard about ECC layout difference between uboot and linux kernel.

Do you think it may be something like this?


Thank you!