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H264 encoder - how to get macroblock DC values

Question asked by manliustech on Jan 3, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2013 by manliustech

Hello all,

     we are using H264 encoder and we need to implement motion detection. For that we are using MVs/SAD generated by encoder but we need also to compute DC value of each block to improve the algorithm, To avoid recomputing it separately from encoder (since it already read and separate YUV of incoming video) we would like to be able to get it from encoder memory. Encoder should calculate it for internal process so maybe it is saved somewhere in memory. Is that matrix of DC coefficients saved for each encoded frame?

If not, using preprocessor feature, is it possible to just have a function called for each MB so we can add DC calculation ? Just callback when a MB is read inside memory...but not to implement MDMA setup (As for normal preprocessor usage) or YUV separation.

Thanks in advance