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ADXL345 Development Board Data Logging

Question asked by IslandsInnovation on Jan 2, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by IslandsInnovation

Happy New Year ADI MEMS Team,


We've been doing longer term logging experiments with our EVAL-ADXL345Z-DB, and have some questions.  We're still using the factory firmware at 100Hz, and +/- 2G.


1)  The data seems to reset every 30minutes, and it adds another header line in the data.  Is this correct?  Any way to make a continuous file with no breaks?


2)  In 2 trials, the logger stopped at 60minutes (2 30min segments in the data) on the first try, and 30minutes on the 2nd trial.  We were expecting it to keep chugging along for at least a couple hours (~11mb per hour file size is no problem).  Is there some time limit in the code that would stop it from logging...or perhaps an issue with the batteries (they are plain Energizers that I thought were new when we started using it)?  In both cases, the green LED was on and everything seemed normal, and in both cases the files reached the end of a segment at 29:59 and stopped.


Should we update the firmware?  Another factor is the temperature...we are doing trials in an outside sports application exposed to winter temps.  However the board is in a sealed enclosure so its dry and comfy.