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ADAU1701: ADC_RES value, Synchronous Multiplexer

Question asked by jon71 on Dec 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by jon71

I am working with the ADAU1701 eval kit and have to say this is a truly great product!


Two questions:


- the datasheet describes how to change ADC0/1 resistor values to alter input sensitivity, but is it possible in the same way to increase ADC_RES?  I saw some discussion in this thread:


about why lowering ADC_RES was a bad idea, but I wonder about increasing it to make the inputs more sensitive and I don't want to alter the eval board to find out!  No big deal if that doesn't work, but it will save me a few parts in my design.  Would that compromise signal to noise though?


- I was so sad that ADAU1701 did not have a supplied reverb that I wrote one, but obviously with limited resources I did a mono reverb with a 'stereoized' output, and the initial delay is short.  SigmaStudio v3.7.7 I see has an undocumented 'synchronous multiplexer' that doesn't have a demux companion; I wonder if that could be a method of implementing a downsampled reverb?  I am perfectly happy with reverb with 5kHz bandwidth, so if any such feature could be supported in a future release I would be grateful since my design does not have the physical space for a larger chip!