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BF524 SPI boot won't initiate

Question asked by docsassy on Dec 30, 2012
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We've been bringing up a board with a 524 processor setup for SPI flash but for some reason we can't get the 524 to initiate the SPI master.  It doesn't seem to assert the SPI select, MOSI or the SPICLK - it really just seems to be doing nothing.  We've verified that our flash works as we can read and write to it no problem.  We've verified the boot mode through the SYSCR in VDSP is set to 0011, we've been through the data sheets and have MISO & SPISEL1 pulled high with a 10K.  We're starting to run out of ideas on this one.  We've also checked the _RESET and this is working fine with the reset supervisor.  We've run this flash part on a BF534 before with no issues so this has us really stumped at this point.


Is there any known issues as to why the 524 would not even try to initiate a SPI transfer at boot?  Any timing issues that we should be aware of and can check?  Are there any certain voltage levels that we need to be looking at that could affect boot mode at reset?