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Initial Gyro Bias

Question asked by BillW on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by NevadaMark

I see that ADIS16364 has an initial bias error specification (1 sigma) of 3deg/s.   ADIS16265 doesn't have this spec.  Is there a specification, or do we have to assume that it can be any value.   Same question for the older 16250?   We use both in production products "in the field".


Reasons I'm asking.  We calibrate bias in production; and recalibrate in the field too.   Our software has a maximum bias where we assume anything outside of that would denote problems with our algorithm or with hardware, etc.  Largest bias we have ever seen for ADIS16250/ADIS16265 in all these years was 2.6 deg/s.  Usually it is much less.   So I set limit to about +/-6 deg/s where we start to suspect something is wrong.  Remember that we need to set some kind of limit for causing us to trigger a problem to our support team or in production testing...


Thus I'm asking if this is too tight and needs to be more like +/-20 deg/s in the field; or even larger?   Or can we lower to +/- 3 deg/s?