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Need Help Using the adau1761 SigmaDSP in Linux-based Embedded System

Question asked by JimReese on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by JimReese

Good afternoon.


I'm working with an ADAU1761 in a Linux-based embedded system.  I have the codec working with the Linux OS, have generated DSP firmware with SigmaStudio, compiled it into a Linux firmware file and it appears to be loading properly.


I am not getting any audio through the DSP.  The codec works properly otherwise.


Is there any documentation available on how to interact with the DSP firmware using Linux?  I have scoured the site and come up empty, and the driver source code isn't providing many clues either.


The DSP Enable register (40F5) is getting set to 1, but the DSP Run register (40F6) is not getting set, and I cannot figure out why.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Reese

FlexRadio Systems