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AD9889B Driver and V4L2

Question asked by Hiromi on Dec 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by larsc

Hello Everybody,


I need a driver for the AD9889B to use in a Linux 2.6.35 embedded board. I found the one developed by Cisco, but it requires the newest V4L2 API, which can be found in the 3.x kernel. The 2.6 kernel comes with an old V4L2 version, whilst the 3.x kernel comes with AD9889B support. Is there another driver usable with my Linux+V4L2 version, or some way to replace the old V4L2 with the new one?


Indeed I found on the internet a wiki explaining how to replace the V4L2 with the new one, but it refers to a running Linux, whilst in my case I have to replace V4L2 directly in the kernel before cross-compiling it.


Thank You in advance