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PLL Selection

Question asked by Kevin.G Employee on Aug 12, 2009
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I'm looking for a part/circuit that has an output frequency range of 5MHz to 100MHz with 1KHz channel spacing.  Ie was originally looking at fractional-n PLLs, but I'm thinking integer-n would probably work as well.  The application involves trying to phase align my reference clock with my received data. I plan to use a micro to control the PLLs frequency to bring the clock and data into alignment.


I quickly tried playing with ADIsimPLL and it recommended the ADF4156 for a fractional-n and whole list of parts for integer-n.  I also tried looking at the ADF4360-9, but apparently the frequency range cannot be accomplished with a single output divide value.


A quick side note, ADIsimPLL doesn't seem to take into account the output divider on the ADF4360-9 when specifying Fmin, Fmax, and channel spacing.  Instead, I think you have to specify the VCO output frequency before the divider, which isn't very helpful if you are trying to use ADIsimPLL as a selection tool.


- Kevin