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Stepping Through Code

Question asked by spflanze on Dec 21, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2013 by CraigG

I have for the first time compiled and downloaded an executable into a Blackfin BF547 using an ADZS-USB-ICE. The project build was done in debug mode. The program is very a large VDK project having many files. I have trouble finding its entry point. Searches for main, main( or main ( did not get any relevant hits.


I need to be able to step through the C and C++ source code to do debugging. When the dxe is loaded I can see it is at the first break point. When I go to "Settings -> Breakpoints" I see in "Automatic" breakpoints there is a breakpoint on the main label and this has the description "Start of program." What I fail to see is a way to find where in the source code this breakpoint is. How do I find it? The "View" button is grayed out.


Right after download the processor appears to be halted as I would expect with an automatic breakpoint at the start of the program. The Disassembly window's yellow arrow shows it halted at memory location FFA00000.


When I go to "Debug -> Run" I see "Running" flashing in a status window to the lower right. When I go to "Debug -> Halt" a yellow arrow appears in the Disassembly Window indicating where the program has halted once again at FFA00000, as if while running it had done nothing. I need to know where in the source code the equivalent line at FFA00000 is and I do not see a way to do that. How is this done? Does Halt stop it where it was running and keep the program counter there? Or does it reset everything so it would start at the beginning again?


In source code I placed a breakpoint using Shift F9 where I believe execution would have to pass. There is no sign it halts on that breakpoint. Is there anything more necessary to get execution halted on a breakpoint?


Whenever I reset the processor the breakpoints I set disappear. How can I retain these breakpoints when I go to "Debug -> Reset" ?