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After modifying the EDID file the I2S audio will be mute for ADV7842

Question asked by Elle on Dec 21, 2012
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I am using the ADV7842 chip in my design and I am using the HDMI input , we need to add some more video resolution to AD original Edid file so I have used the EEdit software and updated my resolution list, but the new EDID file cause my Audio (I2S on pin AP1) go on mute although everything else on the board in terms of inputs(HDMI 1080i 60hz) and setting is the same and the only change is the new EDID file.

I have attached the EDID files here as good and bad, would you please let me know if you have seen this problem before.

for being sure that I am not going over 127 bytes limit  I have only added one new video resolution to good EDID file but after saving to new file it doesn't work.

I have seen the other discussion ( and have tried it but it looks that it doesn't help my situation.

As I was checking the registers I noticed the bit Internal_Mute_Raw has been set, I appreciate any information that you think may help me.


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One more test that I did, I have tried to delete one video resolution instead of adding one and it looks that EDID file is working fine I will attach the content here for review