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ad9889B embedded sync interlaced

Question asked by CorentinC on Dec 21, 2012
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We use AD9889B with ITU-656 input streams with embedded EAV SAV sync. (we don't have external Hsync or Vsync signal available)

We have set the Hsync and Vsync regeneration ON with the recommended registers values present in the programming guide (page 31 & 32).


This works fine with progressive input signals, but not with interlaced signals: the output stream is not compliant with CEA-861 standard.

Most displays can show the video and active video seams good but regarding Vsync placement and duration in the stream: it is not compliant with CEA-861 standard.

For example Vsync duration is not the same between Field 1 and Field 2. and front porch and back porch differ from the standard.

This behaviour is present in all interlaced video formats (525i50, 480i60, 1080i50, 1080i60)


Do you have any suggestion to get a standard compliant output in interlaced modes?


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