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HDMI reference design

Question asked by gvenki2u on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2012 by rejeesh

Hello ,


          We designed upsampler to convert the yuv420 to rgb888 in virtex7.  We were able to display images on virtex7. But we couldn't display a video


sequence. As part of our decoding video requirement we write one frame at one ddr3 address and the next frame at another ddr3 address. We


alternate the frame buffers to reduce the latency. We tried the reference design in configuring VDMA at the first frame ddr3 address,


then a series of  iic-writes and iic-reads and again configuring the VDMA at second frame address and series of iic-


writes and reads.The display is taking a lot of time during the iic calls.  Could you please mention what iic calls do in the reference design.


Could you please mention the necessary steps to be taken to display  video as part of our requirement.



Thanks and regards