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ADuC7026: When freq set to ~41MHz , DACs are not updated

Question asked by Optimus on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2013 by OliverSedlacek



I met following problem:

Wanted to run my ADuC7026 with max possible freq.

That's why added a pice of code:


POWKEY1 = 0x01;

POWCON = 0x00;                     //~41MHz

POWKEY2 = 0xF4;


but when this turned on DACs outputs are not updated. I am sure of it because when commented these 3 lines everthing is fine. Can it be because of loosing synchronization ??

+ if yes, can I switch to connected kwarc using:

    PLLKEY1 = 0xAA

    PLLCON = 0x01     //External 32kHz crystal selection

    PLLKEY2 = 0x55