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ADuM5000: how to disable to get low-power-Mode?

Question asked by UncleTom on Dec 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2013 by ThomasG


The Datasheet is not quite clear to me as far as Table 13 goes:

I will operate the device in Master mode with 5Vin and 5Vout (first line in Table 13) and with RCsel=H and RCin=X (don't care??).

Second-last line gives Details on low-power Mode with RCsel=L and RCin=L.


Now I would assume that I can leave RCin=L and alternate RCsel between RCsel=H (ON) and RCsel=L (OFF). However, Table 12 tells that RCin=L disables the converter.


So what about all the RCin=X in Table 13?


Should I connect RCin to RCsel and expect RCsel=RCin=H for ON and RCsel=RCin=L for OFF?


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