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Backport support for Atheros WiFi on 2009R1.1?

Question asked by skstrobel on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by sonic

I am looking into adding support for an Atheros AR9271 WiFi chipset connected via USB to a BF537-based product that currently uses uClinux version  Comparing the docs [1] with the options available when I run "make menuconfig" it is apparent that the necessary drivers were not included in the 2009R1.1 distribution (not surprising as it is rather old) but are available in more recent releases.  So it seem that my options are to backport the necessary drivers or to update to a more recent version of the uClinux distribution and toolchain.  I know that updating would be painful (we have a lot of custom hardware drivers and other tweaks that would have to be ported), but it would be nice to get current.  Can anyone tell me how much pain to expect if I try to packport the Atheros drivers?  Does my kernel even provide the necessary support?




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