ADRF6755 SDP-S control SW

Discussion created by pharbour on Dec 19, 2012
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I have received the ADRF6755 eval board and a SDP-S control board.  I cannot communicate successfully with the ADRF6755.  I believe I have loaded the SDP drivers & the LabView code correctly.  I have copied the contents of "ADRF6755 SPD Executable" CD directory to my local machine.  When I run the App ADRF6755_USB.exe everything appears OK (the control screen appears as the pdf document suggests).  But, when I try to read back the register contents after writing a default config the registers are all 0.

I am wondering where I am supposed to place the "ADRF6755 SPD Executable" directory files (including the data sub-directory).


I see no activity on the ADRF6755 HW board when I program specific functions.


Please help me understand how to get this going.