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Configure memory on µVision V4.5

Question asked by on Dec 19, 2012
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In the

"Implementing In-Application Programming on the ADuC702x"

By Johnson Jiao [] and Raven Xue []


I find that I need configure memory in specific way as described in quotation:


User Application arrangement.

In the user’s application, RO and RW should be assigned to the segment reasonably.

In “Project”    “Options for Target ‘IAP_boot’”   LA Locate, user could de-select “Use Memory Layout from Target Dialog”, and assign RO and RW segment in “User Classes” as below:

DATA (0x10040-0x11FFF),

CODE (0x81000-0x8F7FF), CONST (0x81000-0x8F7FF)

By this assignment, the area from 0x10040 to 0x11FFF can be used as an RW segment, and the area from 0x81000 to 0x8F7FF can be used as an RO segment. Please note that the startup code should be modified to assign the startup object code memory area. This can be modified in startup code as shown:


The startup object code will be located from 0x00081000. In the main program, the user must first copy the interrupt vector table from Flash 0x00081000 to 0x0008103F and enable the REMAP function. Then, the user could write the application as normal



How can I do this in new uVision 4.5 version?