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HDMI buffer

Question asked by briankomo on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2013 by daverowe

I have a customer developing a new display system around HDMI so I am helping them to identify parts.  The receiver will likely use the ADV7611.  The highest resolution should be WUXGA 60Hz which with reduced blanking is a 154MHz pixel clock which should work with the ADV7611.  They are however, running a long cable and are considering something to clean up the signal midstream.  For that we were looking at the AD8195/ADV3003 equalizer/buffer OR the AD8194 switch.  The customer likes the idea of the AD8194 because it reclocks the data out.  The AD8195/ADV3003 however looks like it is intended to do exactly what they are attempting.  I am leaning toward the AD8195, but would like confirmation that this is indeed the best part for this application.  Is the only difference between the AD8195 and ADV3003 the CEC and DDC buffers?  I have shared the AD8195 eval board schematic with them.  Is there any additional documentation for this board?  Thanks,