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SPI Communication test

Question asked by zied on Dec 19, 2012
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For the first Eval board, I have prepared and test all its drivers, and specially, the SPI one.

I have made the SPI communication module (software and hardware) and tested them. I have emulated the battery pact voltages by a power supply. When, I try to make all parts initialization (using instruction given in ***doc Rev. 0), I 'll receive a non acknowledged frames (Write Acknowledge = 0) and a bad CRC value. It is the same when, I am trying to make a self-test.

I tried different SPI clk under 1MHz. My SPI Configuration is like this:

  • SPI Mode 1 (CPHA=0,CPOL=1)
  • SPI-DIV =8.
  • SPI Master mode.
  • SPI Enable

Do you have any explanation?