Evaluation Software Issue Notice: IMU Evaluation, v1.8.0

Discussion created by NevadaMark Employee on Dec 18, 2012
PRODUCTS AFFECTED:ADIS16448, others possible, but not verified

We have received notification from a customer, who is experiencing a loss of communication with the EVAL-ADIS when selecting more than one register in the Data Capture menu. When this happens, the following message pops up:


After notification of this issue, we tested v1.8.0 and a newer version, which is currently being posted to the EVAL-ADIS website (v1.8.1) and were not able to duplicate this error. After reviewing the differences between the two versions, we have determined that the v1.8.0 of the executable file could have have experienced some minor issues in the compilation process. Also note that this behavior has also been associated with poor USB cable connections, driver conflicts and cold solder joints.  The direct connection with the number of registers selected in the Data Capture menu is a new symptom, which we will continue to monitor and look for.


Since we are not able to duplicate the observation and have a question on the integrity of the current version, (v1.8.0), we are suggesting that users update to v1.8.1 and use this post to share any further feedback that you have, with respect to this specific issue. For the short term, download v1.8.1 of the IMU Evaluation software from this post. Once the IMU Evaluation software has been updated on the EVAL-ADIS page, the attachment will be removed from this page and it will be available at the following link:


In addition to upgrading the software, see the following Wiki User Guide for more information on evaluating the ADIS16445 and ADIS16448  on the EVAL-ADIS evaluation system:


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