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ADV212 problems

Question asked by YanYu on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2012 by YanYu

Hello all:

I am working at 1080i/60 video compression by ADV212s.

The hardware is different to the datasheet,it connected the Hdata bus and address bus of the 2 adv212 seperately to FPGA, not connected together then connected to FPGA.

I have several questions:

1. If I must use DMA mode,cause according to the datasheet, DMA mode is always used in multi-chip mode?

2. The 16 bits(8 bits luma,8 bits chroma) video bus of ADV7181C is connected to the two adv212s from Vdata11 to Vdata4,one is luam, the other is chroma. When the luma adv212 begins encoding, if the chroma adv212 begins encoding at the same time? If the two adv212s encode the same field?

3. In decode mode,I send the JPEG2000 luma and chroma data seperately to 2 ADV212s at the same time ,How I can ensure the luma and chroma data received from Vdata bus is the same line,the same field from the 2 ADV212s Vdata bus.

Whether asserting SCOMM5 of the 2 adv212s at the same time can achieve these.

Thanks very much.