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Some questions about sigmastudio

Question asked by drugoimir on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2013 by KJBob

Hi everybody,

i have some questions / bug reporting about sigmastudio:


-why on the download page, while i see that in the readme.rtf the latest sigmastudio version is 3.8.2, when

i download it is still 3.7?


-i cannot expand the probe window frequency axis above 22khz...often i work above this frequency and i

don't know how to do.


-it seems that the strings are too long (or the fonts too big) in ADAU1442 hardware configuration page (see attached picture).

The fact is that it's very annoying to use the tool in this way.


-about the "window zoom" issue: once you had to restore  100% from the view menu, now you have to press ctrl+shift+f6.

Wouldn't it be possible to correctly quantize the zoom steps so that i can go back to 100% using the wheel (actually i can

get back to 99.3145% or 101.075%) or just have a "reset view" command under the right-click popup menu?


Many thanks!