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Is there a way to pass data back to the GUI from external module?

Question asked by Phonon on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by JJoseph

Hi all,


This question partly builds on the "communication between framework and module" question asked by someone else. I'd like to create a module that could provide some visual feedback to the user. Suppose for example that I'd like to have a text box that has its value updated every block based on something my algorithm computes. This is important for applications such as parameter tuning.


1. I know that we can use external symbols; this doesn't allow me to create one such sample per algorithm instance (growth).

2. More importantly, even if I were to figure out a way to access such data, can I update a text field (or any GUI component for that matter) based on this value? If so, a very simple example would be fantastic to look at.