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U-boot not up-ing from uart bf516-0.2

Question asked by abhijeetbokil on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2012 by abhijeetbokil

I'm encountering a problem with my custom board with bf516-0.2, using the latest uboot-2011.09-2012-R1-RC4,

HW has MT48LC16M16 Ram


i have enabled early debug with CONFIG_DEBUG_EARLY_SERIAL, i can see that initcode is getting completed..

i can also observe the set CLK for RAM at 80 MHz (after executing initcode).


There is no print after initcode ends however and i dont get prompt at terminal.


In the past I have put same u-boot to same hardware except it was bf516f-0.1 same RAM and flash.


Any likely reasons?


Thanks for help!