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Expected Gain of ADL5565

Question asked by Kaos on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by Jim

Dear Sir/Madam,


I have two questions.


1) Can I replace your transofrm T1/T2 to jumpers?

I just bought your ADL5565-EVALZ.

And I am tring to use without transforms T1 and T2.

Please refer to fig-45 on page 24 your datasheet rev-c.

I removed T1 and T2 and put the jumper wires on T1 and T2 .

So I just put the condition that R1=R2 are open(not installed).

Due to your table-17 on your datasheet, I believed the Gain=15.5dB.

But the result I got was Gain=0dB not 15.5dB. Why this result has come?

Test input signal is 1.76GHz/230mVp-p.

Is 1.76GHz too high frequency for input?


2) Why did you choice that T1/T2 are ETC1-1-13 (M/A-COM)s on your evalboard?

I just confirmed the ratings of your T1 and T2 on your eval board ADL5565-EVAL.

Band width of ETC1-1-13 is 4.5MHz to 3000MHz.

But your ADL5565 can drive 6GHz.

So ETC1-1-13 does not fit for 6GHz drive I think.

Why did you choice this transform ETC1-1-13??


Thanks Kaos