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Debugging of a Sharc VisualDSP 2.0 DXE possible?

Question asked by Andi.G on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by GertJL



I'm trying to debug a older Sharc (ADSP-21161) VisualDSP 2.0 DXE with the CCES. I have converted it with the elf2elf.exe. This functions and I can load the DXE.


But I have two problems: After loading, the program starts itself running, but I don't have enabled it in the debugger configuration. I want only download it and then start then myself.

The second: My program doesn't run without errors. The same code runs perfectly with VisualDSP 5.0 debugger, but the converted for CCES hangs every time, if I want to connect via a serial host command (we have a host command interpreter in the application). After then, the emulator hangs and I have to switch off and on the power of the target device. But the startup seems to be very well, because if I break the target (after it starts running itself), the program loops in my command interpreter, which is correct.


Are there any known issues with older DXE program code and therefore it's a mission impossible? I can't recompile the code with CCES, because it's an old project and too hard to migrate (many hand-optimized assembler and C code).