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BF 548: LDF File - how to build a custom LDF file for my board

Question asked by on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by CraigG

My board is largely following the EZ-Kit Lite schema.  however, there are some changes due to the resources and peripherals.


My LAN9218 is connected to AMS0.


I looked at the LWIP project to find where LAN9218 is mapped. It was on ASYN_mem1.   I needed to move it to ASYNC_MEM0.


However the only place I found the  memory map of the blackfin was in the LDF file with the project.


Question:  Can I simply use this (EZ-KIT Lite) LDF file as a template and edit entries in it and compile my project?

This is the existing map

MEM_ASYNC1              { TYPE(ASYNC1_MEMTYPE) START(0x24000000) END(0x27FFFFFF) WIDTH(8) }

  MEM_ASYNC0              { TYPE(ASYNC0_MEMTYPE) START(0x20000000) END(0x23FFFFFF) WIDTH(8) }


Can I change it to

MEM_ASYNC2              { TYPE(ASYNC1_MEMTYPE) START(0x2A000000) END(0x2BFFFFFF) WIDTH(8) }

MEM_ASYNC1              { TYPE(ASYNC1_MEMTYPE) START(0x28000000) END(0x29FFFFFF) WIDTH(8) }

MEM_ASYNC0              { TYPE(ASYNC0_MEMTYPE) START(0x20000000) END(0x27FFFFFF)


will it work?


Or is there a systematic way, a tool perhaps, a wizard if there is one, which will help me build the LDF ?


Thanks in advance