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How to synchronize multiple devices.

Question asked by ENTII on Dec 17, 2012
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I want synchronize multiple device.


So I had to design the system as follows.


Four DAC is controlled by one FPGA.

(DAC partnumber is AD9788)

FPGA is transmit Sync signal to each DAC a few times, After initializing DAC.

(Sync mode is Pulse mode)

And DAC is transmit DATA CLK to FPGA.


But I can't see synchronized DATA CLK.

Sometimes each DATA CLK is synchronized. But each DATA CLK is almost asynchronous.


What's the problem?


Note that DAC's register setting is below.

0x00 : 0x02

0x01 : 0x0BC1

0x02 : 0x000c

0x03 : 0x84040400

0x04 : 0x88B36C

0x05 : 0x0140

0x06 : 0x0000

0x07 : 0x0140

0x08 : 0x0000

0x09 : 0x0140

0x0c : 0x020100