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ADL5511 Application

Question asked by manoj. on Dec 16, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by enash

We are designing an RF demodulator board using ADL5511. In our design, input is a 15dBm amplitude modulated RF signal. The Venv output of ADL5511is fed to a comparator with Vrms (ADL5511 output) as reference.  From the ADL5511 datasheet, we understand that Venv is referred to Eref pin (1.1V) and hence it has a 1.1V offset, while Vrms is referred to ground. Hence is it correct to compare Venv and Vrms to digitise the Venv signal, or do we have to remove the 1.1V offset from Venv.  Please find the attached Schematic for your reference.