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How do I make a PCB for ADXL330 from the scratch?

Question asked by kingmas on Dec 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by venkat

Hello!     I Live in India and I ordered a ADXL330 accelerometer for a project but all I got was one IC with no PCB. I am pursuing my engineering from the computer science field and hence I have very little knowledge on the making of breakout boards. If someone could help me build a PCB for the  IC so that I could connect it to the computer then I would really appreciate it.  For now I have just the ADXL330 chip so I have to start building from the scratch but if you have a direct PCB available then I would be pleased to buy it.   So please Please PLEASE help me with this thing....


                             Does anyone have a development board for ADXL330? I would really like to buy it!   I wan't to build something like this .    Once I connect it to the computer then I can start the programming at which I am quite good.....  


                                           (why in the world is no one answering my simple question ?)