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Suggest a suitable diff amplifier following a saw filter

Question asked by YYHH on Dec 14, 2012
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I need to find the best IC for a gain block following X6966D Epcos SAW FILTER. (20dB attenuation in bandPass)


This SAW filter needs a 2k ohms load impedance and I'm not sure ADA493x I'm using to drive the AD9255 is really suitable because I would have to use 1kOhm Rg resistors. With this high resistor value, gain could not be higher than 1 not to rise Noise too much and deteriorate the SNR. In this case, I would need to add a second gain block driving the ADC. to compensate the 20dB attenuation from the SAW filter.


What would be the best option between my SAW filter and my AD9255 ADC Input? (IF = 36MHz)