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    Replacement for AD8672


      Hi all!!


      for building a precise and efficient Sample and Hold circuit, i found the following application note in AD website




      But the operating voltage range of the op amp used (AD8672) is +-5V to +-15V. But in our application, we require the supply voltage range to be 3V-4V.


      Is there any Op amp that can be considered as an equivalent to AD8672 for S and H ?


      Thanks in advance!



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          Hi Harini,


          You may check on AD8606 which operates at 2.7V to 5.5V. It has similar bandwidth and slew rate performance  and even better bias current specification as compared to AD8672.  For higher bandwidth and faster slew rate, you can also look at AD8647 but with a higher voltage offset.  What other performance do expect to meet? Depending on your requirements, you may also want to consider using AD8592 to build your S-H circuit. Page 13 of AD8592 features an inexpensive S-H circuit, which does not use any other IC.


          Please let me know if you have more questions. I hope this helps. Good luck!


          Best regards,



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            Thanks a lot.. will check it out!

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              Hi Harini,


              I edited my reply and added AD8647 as an option.