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AD9954 PCBZ  evaluation board  setting

Question asked by KYO on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by sitti

My English is not good , so don't mind.

MCU:SILICON LABS  C8051FX20-TB    晶片:C8051F120

evaluation board:ANALOG DEVICES AD9954


AD9954 evaluation board:

   only use DUT1

   power:VDD_I/O=3.3V   VCC=DVDD=AVDD=1.8V

   U13:PS0、PS1、OSK、I/O SYNC、PD  are ground

       CLKMODESEL=1.8V,RB_ENABLE don't connect anything

       SCLK、SDIO、FUD、RESET、CS  connect with Port4 of 8051

       SDIO(Logic 1)=2.8V,other Pin(logic 1)為3.3V,I don't know why that happen.

   REF_CLK_DUT1  connect to signal generator(12MHz Square wave  150mVpp  offset:75mV)

   because no Oscillator on board.





Code(use C code):

使用:Silicon Laboratories IDE編輯



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Thank you~~