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ADUM5400 and ADUM1400 EMI issues

Question asked by frankd on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by MSCantrell

Hello ADI Support:

My customer is currently designing an isolated serial card using the ADUM 5400. The PCB dimensions will be the standard PC-104 card size. Along with the ADUM 5400, They will also be using the ADUM1400 to isolate other signal lines.


The isolated side will draw about 19ma on a worst case scenario from the ADUM5400. We read the AN-0971 application note and want to implement some of the techniques to reduce the emission from the IC.


However, they do not have the area to incorporate the stitching capacitor techniques. The real estate on the PCB is on the low end because they have four different isolated sections that use both the ADUM5400 and ADUM1400.


Will the emission emitted corrupt signal line if they do not incorporate the stitching capacitors?


How else can they reduce emission if none of the app note techniques can be implemented on the design?


Thank you,