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AD620 giving oscillation output

Question asked by siauhwa on Dec 13, 2012
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I'm using AD620 to drive a cable of 50 meters.  The input + of  AD620 comes from the  output from a sensor of around 2.5 Volt,  Input - is tied to 2.5VDC. ,. Vref is = 0V.

So if the input of the sensor goes below 2.5 then Ad620 is expected to give minus output, and vice versa.


R gain is set to 14 KOhms (gain = around 4 ) .  Vs = +/- 12V.

It worked fine, until recently we got 1223 date code and it started to give oscillated output of around 300Khz.

Any help or suggestion on the problem ?



thank you.