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AD-FMCOMMS1-EBZ is No-OS working on Zedboard ?

Question asked by DanMa on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2012 by rejeesh

Has this code been tested on a Zedboard ?

When we try to compile the code we get several errors. An example

#define DDR_BASEADDR      XPAR_DDR3_SDRAM_S_AXI_BASEADDR + 128*1024*1024

so we don't understand this because XPAR_ definition file is generated by the Platform Studio EDK.

We modified the defines to match the Zedboard with some success because the DAC DSS works ( verified with a spectrum analyzer ).

We are stuck with the ADC because even the test modes are failing ( they pass if we use the HDL test code files ).

What are your suggestions ?

Since day one 3-4wks now we always struggled with the ADC the code provided even with HDL releases seems also in constant evolution ( several version of ADC setup code with no comments at the register level ). The board is working because we have used Zed linux image and played with IIO scope ( for win user look for Win32DiskImager ) .


Here some other points:

No Os source code includes also PIC hex file shall the PIC firmware be re-programmed ? If yes how to do it ?

What is the HDL version associated with the No_OS code ( they are 4 HDL versions out there 12-11, 26-11, 28-11 and the Xmas release 12-12 ) ?

We used 28-11 and 12-12 for our tests.

If you don't use Zedboard which reference hardware are you using ?


AD9643 datasheet typos

reg 0x14 looks Output invert should be 0 = normal and 1 = inverted, this is what be see when we check ADC test results.

reg 0x16 here we are not sure about Even/odd and Parallel mode can this be confirmed