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ADV7842 audio problem

Question asked by PeteEberlein on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by PeteEberlein

I'm using an AD7842 to capture video and audio in a custom board solution.  I'm capturing LPCM audio from a HDMI source, and most sources I've tried work great.  I have found one source that is giving me some trouble: a MySky+ satellite receiver manufactured by Pace, HW version TDS850NNZ.45.2, SW version, OS version CO21032.  The audio output setting on the source is set to "MPEG/PCM" (the only other option is "Dolby") and the audio plays fine on a tv.  The sampling frequency is correctly detected at 48kHz, but the word length is zero (not indicated.)  The MCLK is present and the samples are captured on my device, but the samples are always zeroes (silence.)  Video is 1080i50, and is working fine.


Here are some register settings that I have read from the board.


40 c2

65 8e

7e 18

88 00



03 1f

04 23

18 71

36 04

37 00

38 00

39 02

3a 00



e3 84

e4 01

e5 0a

1c 70

1d 01

1e 00

1f 00

20 00


29 00


I don't have access to the source (it's at a customer site in NZ, so I can't use the eval board with it either) but I can remotely read any other registers that may be helpful.  I would greatly appreciate any help or direction on what else to try.