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Question asked by roadrunner Employee on Dec 13, 2012
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I need some help with the ADV7611. We need to design for an HDMI input

to extract digital audio as I2S. From what I can see the only devices

readily available do not have support for HDCP keying. So without HDCP

support we can't receive the audio from copy protected HDMI sources.

However, I also read that without HDCP the device can only receive DVI

sources. Can the ADV7611 receive audio from non-copy protected HDMI sources?

Also, I know that some sources (such as a video card in a PC) will not

start a signal unless it reads back the EDID data from an EEPROM. This

data declares the size of the display, refresh, etc. Do you know if EDID

data is required for most HDMI sources? Also, do I need an external

EEPROM for EDID or is the internal EDID RAM good enough?