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ADM106x power sequencers and eval boards

Question asked by qwerty on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by paul.osullivan
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Planning to use ADM1066 and its eval board. Here are 3 quick questions:


The USB-to-I2C dongle (USB-SDP-CABLEZ) terminates on a 10-pin Micro-Match

male connector. The connection to the Eval Board is via a 3-pin header, 0.1" pitch,

part number USB-I2C-ADPTZ, per the info in UG-404.


Question: is it possible to buy USB-I2C-ADPTZ at the same time as buying the dongle,

or is the only way to obtain it by buying one of the Eval Boards ?


Question: is the pitch on the 3-pin header really 0.1" ? According to the BOM on page 18

of UG-063 (Eval Board User Guide), the 3-pin I2C header is a Harwin right-angle header

whose drawing shows a pitch of 2mm. I'm looking at Rev A for both UG-404 and UG-063.


Question:  in comparing ADM1062 to ADM1066, the difference seems to be that the former

                integrates a temperature monitor, whereas the latter does not. This frees up

                two of the 12-bit ADC inputs, so that ADM1066 can monitor 12 power supplies,

                versus only 10 for the ADM1062 ?  Are there any other differences (functions,

                pinout) I should be aware of ? My application is not currently using either the

                Temp sensor or the 2 auxiliary ADC inputs, so I may be able to use either one.